Rideout Engineering is a specialist in the manufacture of components for the semi conductor industry, but that doesn’t tell the whole story.

If it needs fabricating or welding, Rideout’s deliver the service you need, including the machining and welding of plastic. What makes us different is we not only fabricate, but assemble and test the finished product – unlike many of our competitors in the market.

Other specialist areas include helium leak detection – Rideout is one of the few specialists to have installed this equipment – plus stainless steel mirror polishing, vapour and ultra sonic cleaning.

Rideout Engineering has also worked on architectural stainless steel structures, the company was responsible for the entrance to the St. David’s Hotel and Spa in Cardiff – and the fixing of high tension stainless steel artwork.

In addition, Rideout Engineering has produced specialist medical equipment for a surgeon carrying out pioneering keyhole surgery in gall bladder operations.

Steve Rideout says: “If it needs machining or welding, we can do it . Anything and everything is possible.”

That’s why customers return to Rideout Engineering.