About Us

InletRideout Engineering is a family business that boasts more than a quarter of a century of experience in the semi-conductor industry.

The company’s founder, Steve Rideout, previously worked as a design and development engineer with Cameron Balloons in Bristol and was responsible for producing hot air burners and gas airships.

Not surprisingly, Rideout Engineering has maintained close links with Camerons and within the hot-air ballooning world, manufacturing the burners and other stainless steel components. In 1997 the Company was heavily involved in the Brietling Orbiter and Solo Spirit long distance ballooning attempts.

Rideout’s employs a dozen skilled engineers and machinists and builds lasting relationships with customers. Much of the Company’s success is down to Steve Rideout’s approach, which is to produce “a quality job first and foremost”!

Customers include Cameron Balloons, Aviza Technologies, Surface Technology Systems, Sony and what makes Rideout Engineering different is that its whole ethos is about service, quality and delivering engineering solutions on time and on budget!